Summary of Our Privacy Policy

  1. If you choose to register for the this service you will need to provide your email address. We will NOT disclose, sell or exchange your email address to or with anyone, without your specific permission, unless necessary for legal reasons.

  2. We will aggregate user information and perform statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of our users and visitors, to measure overall demographics and interests regarding specific areas of the site and affiliate sites.

  3. We do use cookies for multiple purposes, but primarily for maintaining state and session information needed to effectively use the site and applications. Other purposes for which we may use cookies include determining how long users view particular content, which particular content users view, which content or sites users link to, and which services members and visitors use.

  4. Any information provided by you for a particular application, is available and viewable by the owners of that application. Xtenit and affiliates may use this information for statistical purposes if authorized to do so by the creator of the application.

  5. The user information provided to a specific application will not be disclosed, exchanged, or sold to any third party with out the consent of the application creator.

  6. No unauthorized email (Spam) is permitted on the this site or any application hosted by Xtenit (see Terms of Service and Policy on Spam).